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At Jaypee Paints, we believe a genuinely healthy and ecologically sound painting product should be as harmless as possible – for the end customer using it, for the workers making it, for the tradespeople applying it, and for the environment – within your home, across your country and throughout our world.

Interior Paints

We have a range of Interior Paints which are premium, acrylic, and one-coat high-finish paints designed for residential or commercial ceiling and walls applications.

Exterior Paints

Our Exterior Paints are carefully blended combination of richly pigmented, iron oxides and acrylic resin to produce a coating with exceptional smoothing properties.

Primer Coatings

Our range of primers provides the optimal base layer for our products. Its micro-fine aggregate makes it versatile for interior or exterior use and suitable for virgin surfaces.

Top Featured Paints

Jaypee "2 in 1" Plastic Emulsion Paint (Exterior Use)

Jaypee "2 in 1" Plastic Emulsion Paint is a luxurious water base acrylic emulsion specially formulated to provide high sheen and luxury effect for exterior surfaces.


In a zest to attain maximum customer approval, we provide our customers with this premium quality of  Plastic Emulsion Paint. Its ability to tolerate heavy rainfall, humidity and heat, makes this plastic emulsions paints highly demanded. With the aid of its excellent bonding efficiency, the offered plastic emulsion pains effectively protects the surface from cracking. 


• Ability to withstand heavy rainfall, heat and humidity

• Effectively protects the surface from cracking

• High bonding capacity

Jaypee Plastic Emulsion Paint (Interior Use)

Motivated to attain maximum approval, we present our customers with the premium grade of Jaypee Plastic Emulsion Paint. This emulsion paint is a luxurious water base acrylic emulsion specially formulated to provide high sheen and luxury effect for interior surfaces. Known for its resistance against adverse weathering conditions and chalking, the offered Internal Emulsion is used for providing protection to the surface with dry to moderate climates.

It is a luxurious finish which can be applied on interior cement plasters, ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete, etc., as a top coat.


• High Sheen.

• Luxurious Finish.

• High Colour Depth and Opacity.

• Stain Resistant and Easy Clean.

• Excellent Coverage with Soft Silky Feel.

• Imparts Pearl Like Glow to Walls.


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